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Profession: DRILLER
Rotation: EVEN 35/35
Vessel type: Drill ship


Placement: DRILLSHIP


Carry out drilling operations ensuring the respect of plan and operative safety rules

▪ Receive instructions for drilling parameters (weight on bit, rotary table rpm, pressures and pump outputs) as well as other work procedures (type and expected life of bit, mud characteristics, bore control, etc.) and ensure their correct application. Whenever deemed necessary, within the specified limits, change the drilling parameters to improve the drilling progress
▪ Receive handover from the previous shift and verify the status of operations and equipment before beginning his shift
▪ Check and set up the equipment necessary for the assigned shift, i.e. drill pipes and other tubular material, x-over, etc
▪ Operate the draw work during drilling activities and complex manoeuvres
▪ Assist rig down/rig up operations by coordinating and controlling
▪ Carry out BOP and pit level drill etc. in accordance with regulations laid down by Government Authorities
▪ Ensure that all reporting routines are followed and that all equipment related paperwork is kept within his area of responsibility.
▪ Ensure that all orders and instructions received verbally or in writing are fully understood and adhered to
▪ Be Responsible for safe working conditions on the drill floor at all times
▪ Ensure that subordinates use compulsory protective equipment
▪ Issue Safe Job Analysis before the start-up of non routine operation or job and ensure completion of risk assessments where required
▪ Instruct all personnel assigned to him of their duties and responsibilities and of any special safety precaution to be taken prior to start up any work
▪ Be well-informed about all relevant work and safety procedures, applying them and promoting their implementation
▪ Use compulsory protective equipment and be safety minded during day-to-day work
▪ Attend safety drills and meetings held on the rig
▪ Intervene promptly and opportunely in emergencies, at the same time notifying the superior in charge (refer to Emergency Preparedness Action Plan)
▪ Promptly report any safety hazard, accident, near-miss accident and non-conformance through proper channels
▪ Ensure that good housekeeping is maintained on the drill floor


3 years of experience in role on board last generation drillships or semisubmersible drilling rigs with cyber technology;
IWCF Well control;
Proficiency in English language

To apply for this position you need a WORKING EXPERIENCE in OIL & ENERGY, OFFSHORE DRILLING
To apply for this position you need a WORKING EXPERIENCE like DRILLER