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The maritime industry engages with many different realms who require qualified personnel with specific certifications.

Our clients have been choosing us over the years, for our broad choice of candidates, for our knowledge in maritime recruitment, developed whilst working with the major companies of the business and our efficiency in covering all the ranks. We are capable of crewing a ship, starting from the deck cadet to the captain, from the Oiler to the chief engineer.

All ships have different peculiarities and will operate in very different settings, which is why, selecting candidates with previous working background on a similar watercraft, allows us to reduce the time of familiarisation with the vehicle and to guarantee a service that can always live up to expectations whilst saving, a noteworthy amount of money and time to our clients. We validate all our candidates’ background experience with their previous employers.

The main areas of employment are:
Supply Vessels, Anchor Handling Tug Supply, New generation Supply Vessels, Dive Support Vessels, ROV, Crew Boats, Pipe Layering, Ferries, Ro-Ro, Bulk Carriers, Containers, Tankers, Cruise Ships, FPSO, FRSU, Oil Tankers, Gas Carriers, Yachts, Exploration Vessels, Ice Breakers, Dredgers, Jack-ups and many other kind of watercrafts.

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Fraud alert
Recently, we have been made aware of “scams” where-by unauthorized individuals or companies have falsely advertised or promised job opportunities with Fratelli Cosulich SpA, as well as other companies and then requested payment by the candidate to supposedly cover processing fees, visas, work permits or other formalities. These “scams” typically support these “offers” with forged documents

Fratelli Cosulich does not require potential candidates to provide any form of payment as part of the hiring process. You will only be contacted directly by Fratelli Cosulich SpA if you have applied for an open position through our website or by a legitimate representative, or if you have contacted our office or one of our local subsidiary offices directly for employment information. Be cautious of any unsolicited offers of employment particularly if you are requested to supply personal banking information or provide any form of payment. If you suspect fraud, we would encourage you to report such activity to your local police authorities.