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Rotation: Uneven 75/21
Vessel type: Shore Based


Country: ANGOLA
Placement: FPSO


▪ Ensure execution of quality control activities on purchased goods and availability of relevant necessary documentation, in accordance with purchase order requirements/conditions and project procedures /contract, optimizing and minimizing costs.
▪ Ensure timely update of Company Information Tools/Systems (either directly or by Inspectors) with the most reliable and up to date information on quality control and inspection activities (i.e. Inspection Report, Inspection Release Note)
▪ Coordinate efficiently and efficaciously internal Inspectors and/or Inspection Agencies in order to reach project goals by means of cost effective and result oriented solutions according to Company network synergies, best practices and procedures

▪ Review Project Quality Control requirements and all the contractual documentation in order to detect discrepancies and prevent any misunderstanding aiming to a supply chain management approach
▪ Support MM on issuance of Project QC procedures
▪ Contribute to finalize PMC and IDS
▪ Support MM on PO Inspection Classification
▪ Ensure (directly or through Internal Inspectors) specialist support to engineering department to vendor quality control documents review (ITP and Test Procedures)
▪ For each Project PO, ensure all necessary and suitable documentation (Inspection Assignment Package) is available to designated inspector prior Inspection activities starts
▪ With the support of the MM, plan/organize the PIM (if any), agree dates and venues with Vendors, ensure the presence at the meeting of all Sub-Vendors (if any), Company representatives (requisitioning unit and designated inspector), Client and any third party personnel whose attendance is required.
▪ Ensure the correct Project inspection notification work flow with Client and/or Third Parties in accordance with contractual requirements and ensure all necessary and suitable documentation is available prior to confirmation of inspection notification.
▪ Check all inspection Report received from Inspector (Internal and External) and ensure the correct distribution / filing of it to system (SAP)
▪ After positive final test result, verify that all necessary condition are satisfactory and ensure timely issuance of Inspection Release Note in SAP
▪ In case of not satisfactory inspection, ensure the correct management of Non-Conformity Reports and Punch Lists
▪ Ensure the vendor Manufactured Data Book review and approval and ensure timely issuance of Final Test Certificate in SAP
▪ Ensure performances evaluation of external (Agency) inspectors by using I-PERF


Minimum 3 years’ experience overseas
International experience in Angola, Africa, Brazil is a plus
Experience with Total, SHELL, Saipem, SONANGOL, BP is a plus

For apply to this position you need a WORKING EXPERIENCE like INSPECTOR COORDINATOR