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Rotation: EVEN 28/28
Vessel type: FPSO


Country: ANGOLA
Placement: FPSO


▪ Execute the pre-commissioning, commissioning, start up and operation activities at Site. Ensure that the activities execution comply with the relevant operating procedures, the HSE requirements and the scheduled time. Execute all operations activities such as operation procedures preparation, QA / QC certification, Fire Fighting System usage, HSE system usage and Integrated Control System usage in the relevant field of interest. Execute maintenance and inspection activities for safe operation in the relevant field of interest.
▪ Operate/monitor plant process and utilities systems effectively and safely
▪ Facilitate routine maintenance by isolations and reinstatement liaising with Control Room operator and Production Supervisor

▪ Ensures that all activities under his responsibility are done in full compliance with the HSE requirements
▪ Acknowledge the involvement of its job role in the permit to work system and verifies the safety measures described in the permit to work for its job role involvement, including area preparation and restoration
▪ Identifies and control hazards to avoid damage to equipment, personnel and the environment
▪ Perform frequent safety and quality observations in the field and report findings
▪ Executes the Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning & Start-up activities according to the approved procedures
▪ Monitors and log the operating parameters of the plant through field and DCS
▪ Makes decision for stopping equipment based on experience and abnormal situations
▪ Pre-commissioning, Commissioning, Start-Up/Shutdown and operations of plant process and utilities systems understanding safe limits of operations
• Understand/implement all company procedures applicable to job (Isolations, Permit to work, Operational, Fire and Gas, etc.)
• Know emergency response actions and duties as required in abnormal/emergency situation, as per the Emergency Response Procedure
• Know and understand safe working practices and actions required to maximise safety and minimise commercial loss
• Prepare/isolate plant for intrusive maintenance in accordance with the isolation and safety procedures
• Undertake maintenance of equipment as required
• Assist and work with Electrical and Instrumentation Technicians, Mechanical Operators and Mechanical Fitters, Laboratory Technicians when working on process systems
• Monitor/undertake the correct operations of all process plant and equipment
• Support operations and optimisations of daily requirements for chemical dosing associated with the process system
• Provide general housekeeping duties in work area
• Keep update logs/record sheets for process as required


FPSO Experience, good English language level

For apply to this position you need a WORKING EXPERIENCE in OIL & GAS, OFFSHORE PRODUCTION
For apply to this position you need a WORKING EXPERIENCE like PRODUCTION OPERATOR