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Rotation: EVEN 28/28
Vessel type: Jackup Rig


Placement: JACKUP


• To demonstrate and promote safety leadership to the rig crews
• To plan and manage the activities of the drilling
• To work with the Operator’s representatives and those of other contractors at site to optimize the use of resources, achieve cohesion of the inputs to drilling operations and to create a spirit of cross-company teamwork
• To apply your experience directly in the event of non-routine activities on the rig and to assume control and manage the crews and resources in the event of an incipient or actual emergency or incident
• To advise the Field Superintendent / Area Manager and Operator’s representative of all issues which could merit their attention
• To maintain, and enhance as appropriate, the rig and associated equipment to retain its asset value and marketability, and to continuously develop improvements to rig site practices so as to enhance safety and performance

• Personally responsible for own safety and conducting ones self to the standards of Clients Policies and Procedures
• Take personal responsibility for, and demonstrate leadership in, HSE. Play a leading role in safety meetings and the safety program
• Provide leadership, guidance and coaching to direct reports, and manage their efforts so as to maximize their contribution to operational effectiveness and performance
• Direct enactment of the Operator’s drilling programs and manage Clients resources being applied to the drilling activities at site so as to achieve safe, efficient and effective operations. Conduct, together with the Operator’s representatives, timely reviews of the drilling or work-over program
• Ensure that the rig is operated in accordance within the design parameters and in conformance with Clients RMS. Be present at the rig floor or relevant area of the rig to direct all critical activities
• Take responsibility for planned maintenance, certification, record-keeping and reporting
• Maintain all required records and documentation at rig site and produce accurate and timely reports on all aspects of rig operations and personnel matters
• Develop rig move plans and manage rig moves, taking personal responsibility for safely rigging-down & rigging-up of the drilling rig, camp and associated equipment
• Establish a culture of continuous improvement in operations and demonstrate results in this regard. Work with the Operator’s site personnel and other site contractors to develop improved practices which will positively impact on drilling performance
• Ensure that drilling operations are conducted in accordance with policies and practices of Clients, the Operator and relevant national authorities
• Liaise with Operator’s other contractors who are involved in operations so as to achieve cohesion in concurrent/simultaneous operations and cross-company teamwork & effectiveness
• Take responsibility for all HR matters at rig site, including training and development of expatriate and national staff in the rig crews, particularly with regard to on the job training
• Maintain the validity of personal certification and training together with that for the rig crews
• Ensure that incident reports are filled out in detail and in a timely manner in the event of an incident, illness, near miss, equipment damage or environmental spill
• Ensure understanding of, and compliance with, Clients permit to work system


Proven experience in the role on drilling units

For apply to this position you need a WORKING EXPERIENCE in OIL & GAS, OFFSHORE DRILLING
For apply to this position you need a WORKING EXPERIENCE like RIG SUPERINTENDENT